Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Queer Sarajevo Festival, a highly personal account

Photo by Rašid Krupalija.

If you had come to Sarajevo last week you would have seen large billboards across the city in connection with the forthcoming municipal elections. Quite a few of them state in massive letters – Sarajevo na evropskom putu or Sarajevo on Road to Europe. Yeah, sure – what about a fast track? Municipal elections have rarely got anything to do with pan-European issues but in this case the billboards’ authors might just have struck the chord with what’s at stake in their city and country, unknowingly.

Queer Sarajevo Festival was opened on Wednesday, 24 September in the premises of the Academy of Fine Arts. The occasion was also used for the opening of several exhibitions – a photo exhibition by Irfan Redžović, a sculpture exhibition by Alma Selimović (both from Bosnia) and a number of queer art works from different parts of former Yugoslavia. The hall with the art exhibitions where the opening took place was bursting with people – the organisers clearly weren´t counting on so many people showing up. In fact, it was almost impossible to see the art works for all the people. At one point, a representative of the Dutch embassy, being one of the main funders of the festival, gave a speech in English concluding it with „Long live the Queers!” followed by a speech in Bosnian made by Boba, one of the local organisers from Organisation Q. The crowds cheered and the whole atmosphere was lively but rather relaxed – the weeks of hate speech from parts of the Bosnian media and most political parties seemed rather distant.

In the meantime, the opposing crowd outside was growing bigger – the daily Ramadan meal at 7 pm was over. As the opening was coming to a close, I and three Bosnian friends of mine decided to move further and went outside. The crowd didn’t look particularly friendly but on the other side, at least at that moment they weren’t shouting or chanting anything and looked relatively calm, no doubt largely due to the presence of the police in front of the building. When we decided to start walking, a guy standing next to me silently tried to block my passage and pushed me. I asked him what his problem was but he didn’t reply. We started walking and I noticed that a group of those people also started walking in the same direction. One of the two girls in our group decided that we´d better get into her car which was parked on the other side of the Academy, not far away, so we turned right and walked through a line of policemen who were standing outside. The other side was badly lit and deserted – no civilians, no police. I kept watching our backs but nobody seemed to follow us at that point. But that was only a moment of calm before the storm. As we had reached the parking lot, I suddenly saw with the back of my eye that a group of people were running at us and a second later we were attacked from behind. I tried to turn around to defend myself and get away from them but fell and found myself surrounded by what seemed to be four young guys who started kicking the living daylights out of me from all sides. Somehow, I managed to get back on my feet and get out of the circle, so I started running all I could without looking back. As I was running, I noticed I was basically blind on my left eye and my hands were covered in blood. I also couldn’t help noticing how badly lit and deserted the streets were at that point. Absolutely no police presence 50 meters from the Academy. I eventually reached a place where I felt I was safe and my friends collected me from there. Most of that night was spent in a local hospital where they kept sending me from one clinic to another and eventually stitched me up. At the emergency room we also saw some other victims of the attacks that night. Two guys who had left the venue in a taxi were followed for four kilometers, then brutally dragged out of the car, threatened with guns and then beaten with them.

Towards dawn we were all taken to a police station where we gave our statements. This process took an incredible amount of time and the police officers in charge found it important to ask questions like what the maiden name of my mother was. Eventually, I and a friend of mine were driven to my hotel room with some police escort and we could finally get some sleep.

On the following day I was taken back to the hospital for some further checks but otherwise stayed in my hotel room all day watching TV including an episode of JAG with one of the main characters hospitalised after he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan. It seemed somehow appropriate. In the evening I was visited by some of the organisers who told me that the Festival as a public event wouldn´t continue since the police claimed that they couldn´t provide any protection for the participants or the organisers but that they would try to stage some of the planned events in secret locations for specifically invited guests. I was supposed to take part in a panel debate after the screening of John Greyson’s Lilies together with the director himself on Friday and although in a poor physical condition I still wanted to go through with it.

The day after, on Friday, I had to go back to the clinic of „facial reconstruction”. The organisers suggested that I go to their office after that as they were planning to take me and the other guests of the festival to „the only safe restaurant” in town for a dinner later that day. What I couldn´t quite foresee was that I was to stay inside that office for about 24 hours. Plans kept changing as the phones never went silent around me. The organisers even used my phone at times (I had my own Bosnian pay as you go SIM card) as they weren´t sure if their phones weren’t bugged. „Bugged by the police?” – „Yes, you never know who they are really working for”. At one point some of the organisers left for the airport to collect an artist who was coming to the festival to stage a performance. A car had followed them. Boba, the girl who remained in the office with me, switched off the lights, I sat down on the floor – just in case. After a number of calls back and forth we learned that they were now safe – they drove back from the airport with a police escort which they finally managed to get. Although offered, I decided not to leave. If they followed after me, they would learn where I´m staying and that place was definitely not safe. Not knowing who was lurking outside and what those people could come up with during the night, I decided to seek protection from a different source. Being a Danish national, I phoned the emergency number of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. About twenty minutes later I got a phone call from the Danish embassy. It turned out to be the ambassador himself. After some negotiations the embassy managed to persuade the Bosnian police to dispatch a police car to the area which was to keep an eye on us all night long. I guess it did, I never saw the actual car but that night will probably go down in my personal history as the longest night I had ever experienced, full of sounds of stopping cars and slammed car doors. At some point toward the morning I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I knew I didn’t want to spend another night in that city. The organisers put me on a plane to Zagreb on Saturday afternoon after a rather remarkable drive through the city, first to my hotel room and then to the airport, which seemed rather surreal and, if anything, a bad reprise of some crap Hollywood film with Svetlana in the front seat trying to hide her face under a hood and me at the back seat constantly looking back. The day had come that I felt I had to be airlifted out of Sarajevo, just like those people in the early spring of 1992 as the Bosnian war was becoming a reality. The only difference being that there now wasn’t a war or any shelling or shooting and the other people at the airport didn’t seem to be in distress. This was pure terrorism and not many ordinary people in Sarajevo seemed to care. I left but the local organisers stayed and so did thousands of Bosnian queers, many of them too afraid to leave their houses after what had happened.

One of the parties contesting at the municipal elections in Sarajevo on 5 October, Stranka za BiH or Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina which is led by Haris Silajdžić, one of the three rotating presidents in that country, has the whole city plastered with another set of billboards – these ones read 100% Europe. It is also the same party that has been the most ferocious opponent of Queer Sarajevo Festival publicly. What can I say to this? They probably mean 100% Europe as of 1933 when Hitler was democratically elected as Germany´s chancellor. There is, of course, no connection between people governing Sarajevo and Bosnia, people like Haris Silajdžić, and Europe as of 2008. Whichever road to Europe these people believe they are travelling, it hasn´t existed for decades and at the moment it certainly resembles the Old Bridge in Mostar after it was blown up in 1993. I sincerely hope the events from last week will serve as an eye-opener to the larger public.

Queer Sarajevo Festival was opened on 24 September but it was never closed. All the performances, film screenings and other events never took place and are still waiting for their audience. An audience which is there and which will not disappear, no matter how much certain parts of the Bosnian society may wish them away. It is therefore up to the Bosnian public, but also the international community, to make sure that these events DO take place and a significant part of this EU candidate member state's population can feel free from both the state and private terrorism which characterises the country at the moment.

Here is some footage made by Croatian TV on the opening night


Ben Stock of Brainpower said...

Andy ! so sorry to read of such violence and hurt. I am sorry that you experienced this. Let us imagine a better world, and work, and it will come to be. peace, Ben Stock of Brainpower xoxooxo

Andi from Germany said...

Man, I'm so sorry about what you and your friends endured. But the incidents in Sarajewo have not gone unnoticed by EU officials. So there is hope they will pressure the Bosnian government to improve the situation and fight the discrimination of homosexuals. I know, that's cold comfort right now. But at least there is some hope things might change for good one day.

Juris Kaža said...

Next time, get the locals to give you a 9mm Glock with a 15 round clip. Thins the angry mob :) quite dramatically.

eugene said...

I expected something like this. Having in mind how the first attempts at queer happenings in Belgrade ended (around 2001 and 2002), and knowing Sarajevo, I knew there would be violence and that the police wouldn't be too eager to stop it. You must bear in mind that, even as it is their job to protect you, at least 70% of the police, including the superiors, think the same way the mob that attacked you thinks.

Don't expect much from the EU. They'd prefer if Bosnia didn't exist at all.

Vedran said...

I'm ashamed that this happened in my hometown. It's important that the queerfest did happen, and that such events continue to happen. Get well soon Andy. In solidarity

Andrejs Visockis said...

Well, you can't really say that the queer fest has actually happened as apart from the opening nothing else from the programme was carried out. However, as a media event it certainly took place. Now it's important not to lose the momentum. I usually say that if you open the doors to a cellar and out come big, fat rats, it doesn't mean that the rats wouldn't have been there, had you not opened the doors (the rats being prejudice, ignorance, blind hate). But by opening those doors, the rats can now be seen by everyone, also those people who have previously denied their existence, simply because they have now left the cellar.

hope.0027 said...

How dare you patronising us Bosnians you Liberals! Where were you when we were dying in thousands, hoping that 'civilised Europe' will support us! It is the European hypocricy that bred these intolerant religious fanatics. It is sad to hear that you were attacked, but it is equally sad that you did not show any sensitivity towards the holy month for all the Muslims and hold the festival at taht time. You are just as intolerant!

hope.0027 said...

By the way, it appears from this video clip that the attackers were in fact a group of thugs and hooligans rather than religious men. This is the scene that repeats it self accross Europe , not just in Bosnia. Look at your own courtyards, gay men are vulnerable to attacks eveywhere!

Andrejs Visockis said...

Bosnia is a secular country, not some European version of Iran. Had the event not coincided with Ramadan, the reaction would have been the same, so please don´t waste this space with bullshit like that. Arguments like that are simply not valid in any secular country. And the fact that you can't imagine that many people are both gay and religious and that you believe that organising a gay culture festival is some sort of provocation towards Muslims only shows your own ignorance.

Rampant homophobia exists in many countries. THAT doesn't mean it doesn't have to fought in Bosnia. The Bosnian constitution is one of the few in the region that actually stipulates protection of the rights of the sexual minorities. The fact that no high-ranking politician in Bosnia has any respect for the country's constitution only shows how little respect there is in general for the rule of law and rights of citizens in that country.

The thugs who attacked me and others would not have walked freely being proud of their violent hatred, if the politicians and religious leaders hadn't created an atmosphere where they felt their actions were legal and justified. So, before you ask others to clean their own courtyards, face the appalling reality at home yourself!

Scott Morgan Lewis said...

Islam sucks! And so does Christianity! God would be dead except for the fact that he never existed. Islamic countries are about 700 years behind the Christian ones, literally. The only way for Queer folks to survive is to renounce and fight "religion" which is more accurately termed "superstition" at every turn.

Andrejs Visockis said...

As somebody once put it - dear God, please save me from your followers!

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David Bieber said...

Man, I'm so sorry about what you and your friends endured. But the incidents in Sarajewo have not gone unnoticed by EU officials. So there is hope they will pressure the Bosnian government to improve the situation and fight the discrimination of homosexuals.
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By the way, it appears from this video clip that the attackers were in fact a group of thugs and hooligans rather than religious men

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its a pity this can happen in a town like this.

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