Monday, 29 October 2007

Festival Awards: And The Winners Are...

The 18th International Lesbian and Gay Festival in Hamburg ended on Sunday, 21 October. Throughout the whole festival people were asked to state their opinion about the films they had just seen on pink pieces of paper which were collected by the festival staff at the exits. As a result, the following awards could be given entirely based on the popular vote:

URSULA for the best lesbian short film went to Abbe Robinson from the UK for "Private Life" (more info on this film on IMDB

URSULA for the best gay short film went to Michael Mew from Canada for "Peking Turkey" (more info on this film on IMDB

URSULA for the best transgender short film went to Abe Bernard from USA for "Trannymals Go To Court" (more info on this film at

This is the second time that Abe receives an URSULA. Last year his first Trannymal film which was called simply "Trannymals" also got the award. Congratulations, Abe!

Each URSULA winner received 1,000 EUR.

The MADE IN GERMANY award for the best German short film went to Martin Busker for "HerzHaft" (more about this film and the director at

The winner in this category will be given the possibility to attend a course at the Berlin Hamburg Film School (

EUROLOLA for the best European film went to Erich Richter Strand from Norway for "S√łnner" ("Sons") (more about this film at

GLOBOLA for the best intercontinental film went to Brooke Sebold, Benita and Todd Sills from USA for "Red Without Blue" (more about this film at

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