Saturday, 20 October 2007

Festival focus: Nachtbar/TalkSofa

Every year a different location is chosen for the so-called Nachtbar which is a place where people can meet after the day's programme to discuss films and other topics. The exact location is always kept a secret until the opening night when it's announced publicly. This year it's in a place called Maria Kron near Sankt Pauli.

Die hübschen Mädchen behind the bar.

Every night after midnight different festival guests are interviewed on the TalkSofa "Bei Kreischbergers" hosted by Til Kreisch and Katrin Bergers which is also broadcast live on the local radio station TIDE. Here: Markus Götze, a native of Hamburg talking about "A Four Letter Word", a new American film, in the capacity of its producer.

The audience on the spot.

Here Abe Bernard from California is telling about his film "Trannymals".

Our friendly hostess Anja was also there to listen.

And then it was my turn to talk about the LGBT Film Days in Riga and the general gay rights situation in Latvia.

The party doesn't end with the talk show though. You can talk and dance until the wee hours.

Even the bar staff take it pretty easy later in the night.

All images by Māra Pētersone.

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Claude said...

There is clearly a No Pictures policy at Nachtbar, so why are you posting pictures of people in the Nachtbar? So not cool!