Sunday, 28 October 2007

Festival impressions: Days 4 & 5

Apparently, the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in Hamburg even has a fan club which is advertised here at one of the cinemas.

The Canadian filmmaker and now professor at York University in Toronto John Greyson was in town to present his latest project as well as a number of his shorts at the festival.

John Greyson's workshop took place in an independent cinema in Sankt Pauli called B-Movie. Here: Abe Bernard ("Trannymals") and Til Kreisch (TalkSofa) engaged in a conversation in the cinema's foyer.

John Greyson is probably best known for his feature film "Lilies" which won him several international awards including The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Genie Award and the Best Canadian Film Award at the Montreal International Film Festival in 1996. He has also directed several episodes of the American version of "Queer as Folk".

Some of the audience at the workshop.

Back to Mittagstisch.

Abe Bernard, John Greyson, Markus Götze and some people from the festival team.

Joachim from the festival team and John Greyson.

Abe Bernard on his way to Metropolis to present his short film "Trannymals go to Court".

Passage, one of the cinemas where the festival's films were shown.

Not a completely unreasonable place to raise awareness about AIDS.

Markus Götze presents the new American comedy "A Four Letter Word" in the capacity of its producer.

The audience at the screening of "A Four Letter Word".

Wayne Yung, the director of the German short film "Birthday Games" is grilled on the TalkSofa in the Nachtbar.

Then it's the turn of the well-known American filmmaker Greta Schiller to be in the spotlight.

And I had a chance to chat to John Greyson, the director of my favourite gay film "Lilies".

All images by Māra Pētersone.

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